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Lyn Keily visits NZMS Head Office and the Recollect Development Team

Posted by Jillian Whitmore on 3 October 2017 | 0 Comments

After presenting at the LIANZA Conference in Christchurch last week, we invited Lyn Keily, Special Collections Librarian for Cultural Collections Services at The University of Newcastle to visit the NZMS head office in Wellington. Lyn was given a tour of NZMS and our sister company Desktop Imaging. She was also introduced to the operations and Recollect development team who have been working closely with her on creating the Recollect site for the University of Newcastle Cultural Collections Living Histories. We loved hearing her ideas and she shared her thoughts with us, she tells us that, "We're really impressed with the flexibility of the system and we love the way you can establish relationships between people, places and things. It is exactly what we wanted to do, to enable people to participate." We were delighted to help her escape from the “primordial technological ooze”. Lyn was also able to meet with our consultants to discuss the opportunities for extending the use of Recollect using its capabilities for further access, discovery and engagement with her special collections.
We hope Lyn enjoyed her time in New Zealand; we sure enjoyed having her here and sharing her experiences over the week! 

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University of Newcastle speaking at LIANZA 2017

Posted by Gavin Mitchell on 12 September 2017 | 0 Comments

Come and meeting Lyn Keily, Special Collections Librarian at University of Newcastle at LIANZA 2017!

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LIANZA members visit NZMS

Posted by Monica Tresch on 14 March 2017 | 0 Comments

NZMS opened their doors to members of LIANZA Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui last Friday (St Patrick's Day) to see our team in action. An entertaining start to the afternoon with a viewing of NZMS staff exhibition “My Guilty Pleasures” where Andy got to promote his quirky adoration for QR codes, among other interesting and slightly quirky staff pastimes such as hanging out in Crocs, or using a Pink Flamingo drink float.

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UON University Gallery and Museum Selects Recollect

Posted by Corina Reitemeyer on 18 January 2017 | 0 Comments

NZMS is delighted to announce that the University Gallery and Senta Taft-Hendry Museum at the University of Newcastle has selected Recollect for management of its contemporary art and cultural artefact collections. The Gallery presents curated exhibitions and touring shows that facilitate an awareness of contemporary art, artists, communities and disciplines.

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ALIA Online Conference 2017

Posted by Corina Reitemeyer on 23 December 2016 | 0 Comments

The ALIA Online 2017 Conference opens on Tuesday, 14 February in Sydney. We look forward to this meeting hub for all Library and Information professionals, from all sectors of Australia and the international community.

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2016 Christmas wishes from the NZMS team!

Posted by Corina Reitemeyer on 12 December 2016 | 0 Comments

Continuity of Service over the holiday period

To ensure continuity of service over the holiday period, we won't be making any changes to our infrastructure or code base from 16th December. This means that some things you have asked for may not appear until the new year, but it does mean we are less likely to experience problems during the break!

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ALIA 2016

Posted by Tyler Hersey on 9 September 2016 | 1 Comments

Andy and I had a wonderful time meeting with friends and customers at the ALIA National 2016 Conference.
We had a very full-on week in Adelaide, as I'm sure everyone that attended did. We were inundated with interest about our Community Engagement platform, and we are very proud of the excitement garnered. While in Adelaide, I was also able to facilitate the implementation of Recollect at the State Library of South Australia, complementing our upcoming launch for the University of Newcastle ... Recollect is helping communities engage in Australia!

Topical issues at ALIA 2016. 
Oral histories and accessing other audio/visual content where the most popular talking points, with crowd sourced transcription and image editing a close second.

But it's not just the online crowd ...
The Recollect 'collective' is generating countless ideas and activities for encouraging the public to contribute to online databases of knowledge resources, and history. Working with you and your volunteers, Recollect provides a great way to inspire the present, past and future community members to build an expanding body of community content. From a marketing perspective it delivers a fantastic brand enhancement and recognition value.

At the ALIA National Conference 2016, Community Engagement and Online earning were incredibly topical. Even keynote Lorcan Dempsey spoke of this in his presentation.  He later tweeted: 
In particular, Lorcan sensed libraries moving from static spaces toward becoming user-driven environments which lead customer engagement. To this end Recollect facilitates Community Engagement around your content, your local or corporate knowledge, and other community interests. We provide participatory collaboration and data generation space, where omni-directional interaction is user driven.

As well as Community Engagement, popular Recollect solutions include:
  • Crowd Sourcing for a tailored project, such as the transcription of Library Cards, photo captions, ledger book entries, metadata capture and more;

  • Tagging video and oral history files at a specific moments, which can subsequently be searched upon and discovered without having to stream through an entire video or sound file;

  • Geotagging any content using locations from the Google maps API, as shown in the image from the West Coast Recollect site;

  • User uploads from the community (of files as well as personal recollections and stories);

  • Rich hyperlinks to existing information residing elsewhere on the web, and embedding external content.

Both Andy and I (and the team in Wellington) could see Recollect fulfilling most aspects of the community engagement aspirations for organisations that we spoke with. Recollect can help you do more to interact with that wonderful community you have out there in the big wide world; those that know you (through your website, emails and newsletters), those that would like to know you better, and those that have yet to discover you!

Congratulations to Ann Morgan who was drawn to win our 55-inch TV & Stand for the University of South Australia by Conference staffer Vanessa!

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